Frozen Soup, Your New Favorite Ingredient

More than ever, the industry is facing issues that make it challenging to run an operation. Many operators are struggling to get enough supplies, and menus are struggling because of it. With high turnover rates, it’s also incredibly challenging to find new team members, so creative solutions are necessary. Maintaining low food costs and minimizing labor costs while maximizing profits have never been more important.

Complex flavors require hours of time, and constant attention to get just right. Take lobster stock, for example. The process of roasting shells, deglazing, and simmering can be quite taxing on kitchen staff, not to mention that it’s incredibly expensive. By using products like Campbell’s® Frozen Soup, perfecting the art of flavor is made simple. With products like Campbell’s® Reserve Lobster Bisque with Sherry Soup, operators can craft incredible dishes like lobster mac and cheese, or have a ready-to-serve product that will delight their guests.

Campbell’s® Frozen Soup also seeks to inspire with a wide range of recipes and simple applications of their frozen soups. Whether used to make sauces, dressings, and dips, operations can cut down on labor costs while still offering a consistently delicious product. For example, cooks can easily transform soups such as Campbell’s® Signature Harvest Butternut Squash Soup into a seasonal dressing for fall vegetables.

The same goes for Campbell’s® Reserve Mexican Street Corn Soup, which, when used in a dip, combined with sauteed corn and cheddar cheese, is perfect to serve as an appetizer. By using frozen soup as an ingredient, the flavors guests love are easily within reach, and when it comes to delivering on flavor, Campbell’s® Frozen Soup has every operator in mind.

More importantly, Campbell’s® Frozen Soup cares about chef-driven creation, with every soup formulated by chefs to be used in a wide variety of applications, or simply served as-is. Frozen soup can inspire creativity, allowing operations to cross-utilize products across their menus, and craft their own recipes based on their unique approaches to cuisine.

Whether it’s using frozen soup as a method of deglazing a roasting pan for an incredibly flavorful sauce, emulsifying it with oil and vinegar as a uniquely flavored dressing, or combining a soup with cheese and breadcrumbs for a satisfying dip, the possibilities are endless. With Campbell’s® Frozen Soup, the art of flavor is just a few short steps away. To learn more about recipes that can save you time and labor, click here.