Imagine the Menu Possibilities

Looking to satisfy your guests with exciting flavors and delicious dishes? Look no further than Campbell’s® condensed soups to inspire you throughout the seasons. You’ll be amazed at how many exotic cuisines and modern classics can be crafted with canned soups and other simple ingredients. With canned soups, you’ll be able to cook an unbelievable amount of dishes that save you time and help you cut down on labor costs.

See how condensed soups can shape your menu, inspire creativity and satisfy your guests:

A bowl of tomato soup is great on its own, but the soup can also be used as an excellent base for a wide variety of dishes. When used in a recipe, tomato soup can amplify the flavors of other ingredients more than stock or water. An example of this is Chicken Jambalaya made with Campbell’s® Healthy Request® Tomato Soup, a chef-developed recipe that is perfect for spring and summer healthcare menus. It starts with a light tomato soup and is loaded with onions, peppers and celery alongside tender chicken and a Cajun spice blend to give guests a taste of New Orleans.

The popularity of comfort foods is on the rise, and guests are craving familiar flavors. Try offering your guests cravable dishes presented in a new way, like this Philly Cheesesteak Bowl recipe. Campbell’s® Healthy Request® Cream of Mushroom Soup acts as a base, bringing richness and flavor to a gravy loaded with mushrooms, shredded provolone, onions and peppers. Top a rice-filled bowl with shaved steak and the cream of mushroom gravy for an entirely new way to enjoy an American classic.

A canned soup’s potential to complement a chef’s creativity is endless. Get cooking and be inspired to create your next classic with Campbell’s® canned soups.