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Campbell’s gets down to business.

From soups and sauces to snacks and desserts, Campbell’s Foodservice has a range of multi-use products that are perfect for business and industry dining. Maximize your market with our diverse foodservice insights and solutions.

An Easy Snacking Solution

Supplying your micro-market or cafeteria check-out with snacking options has never been easier. Whether it’s Snyder’s of Hanover® flavored pretzels, Kettle Brand® or Cape Cod® kettle-cooked potato chips, Late July® tortilla chips, or Lance® peanut butter sandwich crackers, our items provide grab-and-go flexibility bold flavors that will help fuel your patrons.

On-site dining has never looked or tasted better.

Our portfolio includes a range of delicious products that will help you keep employees on site for every meal occasion. Find distinctive, eye-catching cookies and crackers to create impressive plate presentations for catered meetings. Discover premium, chef-inspired soups ideal for business lunches and more. When it comes to business and industry solutions, Campbell’s has got you covered.

When everything is changing, we’re here to help you adapt

Out of site out of mind? Don’t let that be the case for soup in your operation. Find new ways to profit through soup in today’s environment, whether it’s adapting your existing soup wells or moving soup behind your counter. From picking the right equipment and packaging to the right soups and sizes, we’ve got you covered. Visit our self-serve solutions section to see what works best for your operational needs.