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Campbell’s makes the cafeteria a better place.

Campbell’s kid-favorite picks have strong brand recognition, helping to increase positive perception and fuel school days with great-tasting snacks and menu items. Not only do our products deliver the flavor kids love, they also help you meet USDA regulations. We have a variety of whole-grain and zero-trans-fat offerings, as well as options that are designed to reduce costs and labor in K-12 kitchens.


Campbell’s Foodservice is now participating in the Cool School Cafe® rewards program.
Learn more about the program, find qualifying products, and see how you can join to start earning points.

Campbell’s Soup Customizers™

Introducing Campbell’s Soup Customizers™! Fresh prepared customization to drive meal participation. Try fresh prepared soup as an entrée as part of a complete reimbursable meal.

Soup Customizers™ Brochure

K-12 Resources

Learn more about product offerings and menu ideas to help keep your cafeteria running.

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