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A trusted partner can help you keep the momentum going.

It’s easy to see why there’s such tremendous growth in the limited-service segment, with a smaller footprint and a more focused menu. But with growth comes more competition and more choices for guests. Campbell’s Foodservice is a partner that can help you stand out from the crowd while maintaining your bottom line.

For tips on meeting the growing demand for curbside pick up and delivery.

Carefully crafted soups make a difference.

We carefully craft our frozen soups, starting each recipe at zero and adding ingredient by ingredient, using only what’s necessary. We do it all so you can serve soups full of heart, soul and flavor, without added time or labor costs. Our prepared frozen soups are also here to help you offer enticing options for your delivery and to-go menus.

Why serve soup?
40% of consumers visit restaurants that offer soup

When soup is included in an order in commercial segments:2
quality of food rating increases by 8.8%“food was fresh” rating increases by 9.1%quality of food rating increases by 8.8%

Covid Response

Soup fits into today’s evolving consumer demands and lifestyles.1

  • Consumers are more likely to purchase and willing to pay more for gluten-free (21%), vegan (18%) and vegetarian soups (17%)
  • Vegan claims are up 29%
  • 74% of consumers say they’re more likely to order soup including a serving of vegetables

Soup is more than a side.1

  • Consumers ordering soup as a snack is up 6% from 2015
  • 21% of consumers strongly agree that they would like more restaurants to offer soup during breakfast hours

Soup can be a seasonal solution.1

  • 70% of consumers say they’re more likely to purchase soup with a seasonal descriptor
  • 36% say they’d pay more for seasonal soups

1Technomic Soup & Salad Consumer Trend Report, 2018

2The NPD Group CREST®, Average Eater Check for Paid Occasions, latest two years, ending September 2017

Download this infographic to learn more about the ways soup can drive sales in your operation.

Serve a snack kids know and love.

Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® will help you bring smiles to kids’ menus, from snacks to desserts and breakfast to lunch. Plus, Goldfish® are made with colors sourced from plants and no artificial flavors or preservatives, so parents can feel good about restaurants that offer them.

  • Goldfish® is the most popular cracker brand among households with kids under 123
  • With a variety of flavors, Goldfish® can support any daypart and be used in versatile ways
  • Parents are more likely to purchase better-for-you snacks,4 and Goldfish® come in whole grain-rich varieties

3IRI Total U.S. All Outlets, latest 52 weeks through January 2019

4Mintel Better for You Snacks – U.S. – September 2017

For more information, download this sell sheet.

Download this infographic to learn more about top tips for making your restaurant appealing to families.

The Perfect Side for Any Meal

In the limited-service segment, our snacks provide the opportunity for exponential growth for your business. With zero labor cost on your end, our snacks are perfect for adding a wide variety of choices in convenient packaging for your guests, including those who chose to dine off-premise. Use Cape Cod® and Kettle Brand® chips as a supreme side to a sandwich with bold flavors and big crunch, or chose Lance® Saltines and Captains Wafers® as a great addition to a soup or salad bar. Because of their portability and ability to complement most soup and salad dishes, Lance® crackers can be a fundamental part of your menu.

Revitalize beverage sales.

We’re dedicated to helping you delight guests with our comprehensive V8® portfolio.

V8® is shelf stable, making it a flexible way to reinvigorate front-of-house beverage programs with flavor and convenience guests love throughout the day. But it doesn’t stop there. Flavorful, nutritious and versatile, V8® is the top premium vegetable juice for your culinary creations.

Front-of-House Solutions

  • Unlike coffee, tea and other drinks in its category, V8 +Energy® is packed with steady energy from green tea extract and contains one combined serving of fruits and vegetables in every can
  • V8 +HYDRATE®
    • Plant-powered hydration with refreshing, natural electrolytes from vegetables

Back-of-House Solutions

More and more diners are looking for veggie-packed dishes—and our Menu Makers and Menu Makers: Mexican Edition are here to help you deliver with V8® Original 100% Vegetable Juice.