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Meat alternatives and middle eastern flavors are making waves

Trend: Plant-Based

Stage 4 (Established)
Consumer demand for plant-based foods has never been more prevalent. They’re a fixture on restaurant menus, and in grocery stores and c-stores across the country. With vegetable proteins, meat alternatives and dairy alternatives, this trend appeals to both vegan and flexitarian diets.

Trend: Meat Alternatives

Stage 4 (Established)
Meat alternatives have been integral in the growth of plant-based products. From plant-based corned beef to breakfast sausage, meat alternatives are crossing over into different cuisines and dayparts, with breakfast sandwiches, burritos and Italian cuisines all following the trend. Easily found in both QSR segments and national chains, we believe a chicken alternative is primed to become the next big hit.

Trend: Dairy Alternatives

Stage 3 (Embedding)
Dairy alternatives are also embedding into our food culture and are expected to experience continued growth on menus. Getting their start in specialty coffee, they’ve begun to show up in other segments and across menu items. We are seeing more and more dairy alternatives in smoothies, bowls and desserts.

Trend: Bowls

Stage 3 (Embedding)
The burrito bowl may have gotten it started, but various bowls are a great example of a trend that spans both foodservice and retail. Power bowls, grain bowls and breakfast bowls are popping up on menus around the country. We are seeing bowls being used across other trends as well including Plant-Based, Dairy Alternatives and with Eastern Mediterranean Flavors.

Trend: Eastern Mediterranean Flavors

Stage 2 (Expanding)
Fueled by the flavors of North Africa and the Middle East, spices and ingredients such as harissa, Za’atar and tahini are showing up on more and more menus. We are seeing this trend highlighted in mainstream applications like Za’atar-Crusted Salmon, Spicy Harissa Hummus and Charred Cauliflower with Tahini and Mint.

Trend: Third-Party Delivery & Ghost Kitchens

Stage 3 (Embedding)
Third-party delivery continues to grow as more and more restaurants try to find new ways to increase revenue and meet customer needs. This has also created opportunities for concepts to branch out into other categories through Ghost Kitchens and Virtual Brands. For third-party delivery, there are many avenues of entry and we’re keeping a close eye on this trend.

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