General Seasonal Tips

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When it comes to seasonality, guests have their preferences for flavors. But how you take advantage of seasonality is also important.

Stay current with seasonal preferences.

About one-third of consumers say their preferences change depending on the season, so make sure to always plan menus ahead based on which seasonal ingredients guests will be looking for.

Source: Technomic Flavor Consumer Trend Report, 2017

Use ingredient seasonality to your advantage.

65% of consumers say describing an item as seasonal enhances the flavor, so don’t forget to call out seasonal ingredients on your menu. You can also describe dishes in a seasonal way and think about naming conventions and menu categories, like Autumnal butternut squash with cream or springtime tomato basil with vine ripened tomatoes.

Source: Technomic Flavor Consumer Trend Report, 2017

It’s not just for the cold weather.

Soup is becoming more seasonally versatile, with fewer guests reporting that they’re more likely to order soup when it’s cold out. This means the opportunity to make money on soup year round is more and more possible.

Source: Technomic Soup & Salad Consumer Trend Report, 2018

Help guests feel more healthy.

35% of consumers feel healthier after they eat soup, so consider more soup options at times of the year when some guests are more health conscious.

Source: Technomic Soup & Salad Consumer Trend Report, 2018

Upcharge for a taste of the season.

Consider offering soup flights, giving you the opportunity for incremental sales and guests the chance to try more seasonal flavors. Also, by offering soup flights that are a taste of the season, you can demonstrate your seasonal relevance.

Train staff about seasonality.

If you train your staff members to highlight the seasonal ingredients in the soups, they will have an easier time upselling soup to guests who are looking for seasonal menu items.

Use seasonal soups as an ingredient.

Butternut squash and other traditionally seasonal soups can be a good base for developing seasonal dishes, like a fall-flavored vinaigrette.