Winter Insights

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Soup is a classic winter staple, but just menuing the classics might be falling short. Here are some tips—including how to give guests the flavors they want—to help you get more out of soup in the winter months.

Which seasonal flavors should you serve?

Chili and baked potato are two flavors that spike in the winter. Add these soups to your winter menu for a spike in sales as well.

Source: The NPD Group SupplyTrack®, measured in pounds, latest 12 months, ending November 2017

The new year is a time for new healthy goals.

Help guests with their resolutions, because 35% of consumers feel healthier after eating meals that include soup.

Source: Technomic Soup & Salad Consumer Trend Report, 2018

Turn up the heat when things get cold.

Spicy ingredients are trending on menus as consumers seek more flavor intensity. This is especially true with millennials. 37% prefer to order soups with spicy flavors, so try menuing spicy soups during the winter months.

Source: Technomic Soup & Salad Consumer Trend Report, 2018

Be bold with chili and vegetable varieties.

Nutmeg and kale are two other ingredients that grow in popularity during the winter. Try to menu soups with these ingredients whenever possible and also try things like garnishing fresh kale on a vegetable soup or sprinkling nutmeg on a chili.

Source: Technomic Season’s Eatings, winter 2018


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