Soup Sampling and Pairing Ideas

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Drive more sales with creative soup ideas.

The data tells us about the importance of soup pairings. But it also pays to be creative.
We know that 45% of consumers say they would order soup with a sandwich or wrap. 35% are likely to order it with a salad. And a powerful 40% want to be able to use it as a substitute for other sides.1

We know consumers are interested in soup, but how can you make it more interesting on your menu?
First, try thinking beyond the pairing of grilled cheese and tomato soup as a way to bring the unexpected and drive incremental sales.

When you’re thinking about soup pairings, think outside the box.
Try pairing soup with artisan breads to dip. Or do a craft beer or wine tasting to correspond with a matching soup. And don’t forget—offer soup portions small enough to add as a side to any meal. 40% of diners are asking for it.

Beyond simply pairing soup, consider sampling as well, like shrimp and soup shooters.
You can also do soup flights, to offer a chance for a broader tasting opportunity. And whether you’re looking for classic soup pairings or wanting to get creative, we’re here to help with carefully crafted soups.

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1Technomic Soup & Salad Consumer Trend Report, 2018