Chili Regionalization

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From one region to another,
everyone loves a brag-worthy chili.

How do our chilis please a wide variety of patrons and breathe new life into your menu? Because we made them so you can easily customize from region to region, giving your customers more of what they want. So go ahead, serve it Cincinnati style. Carolina style. Even Buffalo style. Or you can even put your own spin on our signature chilis.

Put a regional spin on our Signature chilis.

Use the tool below to sort through different regions of the country and discover fun and exciting new ways to add a local flair to our Signature line.

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    Southern Chilis

    • Carolina Style
    • Cajun Style
    • Tex Mex Style

    Just add vinegar and mustard for a Carolina touch.

    It's simple, just add Cajun spices and Tabasco.

    Just add chipotle peppers, green chilies and a few jalapeños.

    Northern Chilis

    • Canadian Style
    • Buffalo Style

    For a Canadian flair, serve over fries with cheese curds.

    Just add ranch dressing, hot sauce and serve.

    Western Chilis

    • Southwest Style
    • Denver Style
    • California Style
    • Queso Style

    Add chili pepper, corn, hatch peppers, and New Mexico style chili spice.

    For mile high flavor, add green chilis and sour cream.

    Just add fresh tomato, cilantro, corn and diced avocado.

    It's all in the name. Add queso cheese and serve over tortilla chips.

    Midwestern Chilis

    • Frito Pie
    • Chili Mac
    • KC BBQ Style
    • Cincinnati Style

    Serve over Fritos or even in the bag for an on-the-go treat!

    Add mac and cheese to the chili then bake until crisp on top.

    BBQ sauce and a splash of hot sauce bring a Kansas City vibe.

    Just add allspice, cardamom, oregano and cinnamon then serve over spaghetti.