Vending and micro market sales continue to enjoy steady gains. In 2022 alone, the industry reported a 12% sales increase above 2021 revenue.1 

As vending and micro markets become more common in office buildings, hotel lobbies, college campuses, airports, healthcare settings, and convenience stores, it’s important to tap into today’s trends to attract and retain consumer sales.

Trend 1: Growth of Technology

Convenience is one of the biggest attractions of vending machines and micro markets. Integrating new technologies that allow for cashless and tap-to-pay payments is always a smart move. In fact, nearly 80% of operators are incorporating technology into their vending and micro markets, agreeing that cashless payment devices are a great investment.1

Cantaloupe’s 2023 Micropayment Trends Report showed an increase in the amount of EMV transactions at food and beverage vending machines in 2022. The company’s analysis of nearly 700,000 active card readers illustrated that EMV payments were the main drivers of contactless sales, accounting for more than 52% of contactless transactions last year.2

Technology in vending machines and micro markets doesn’t stop with contactless payments. Forward-looking technologies include palm payment, age verification, autonomous shops, smart markets, AI product recognition technology, and self-service stores.2

Offices are starting to experience occupancy rates climbing back toward normal. In fact, according to a recent survey, 90% of companies with office space plan to fully return to the office by 2024.3 

This return to offices is particularly important for the micro market industry since 57% of consumers report that they would consider purchasing food or beverages from a micro market if it were at their place of work or school, according to Technomic.4

While manufacturing and office locations continue to be the leading locations for vending machines and micro markets, the industry saw more micro markets open inside hotels and motels in 2022. And, as more offices reopened in 2022, some vending machine operators converted their vending machines to micro markets to attract more employees to their upgraded offerings.1 

The days of the chips-and-candy-only vending machines are waning as consumers continue to clamor for more choices, especially when it comes to their nutritional needs. The combined vending machine and micro market revenue gains in 2022 for healthy items (including plant-based items) were a healthy 40%, while general food choices grew 35% and snacks had gains of 27%, illustrating that consumers are open to healthier choices if they’re available.1

Three trends driving growth in healthier choices include the global plant-based food market; functional snacks and beverages; and beverages with health benefits. Products like V8 +Energy feature naturally sourced, steady energy from green and black tea, while providing a full serving of fruit and veggies.

Ultimately, consumers are most satisfied with a mix of healthy and indulgent offerings in vending machines and micro markets that they can choose between depending on their mood.5 

Americans love to snack, and their choices are wide ranging. Snacks naturally pair with beverages, whether you’re looking to cure a passing craving or need an energy boost.

In fact, 73% of survey respondents to the International Food Information Council’s 17th annual 2022 Food and Health Survey reported that they snack at least once a day.6 Past surveys posted around 58% of respondents snacking at least once per day, exhibiting a significant increase in consumer snacking habits over the past year.6 As for what consumers are snacking on, the survey showed that morning snacks are somewhat healthy (fruit, dairy) and become more indulgent as the day progresses (salty snacks, candy, chocolate, cookies, ice cream, etc.).6 

This increase in snacking mirrors the snack category revenue gains seen in 2022, with a 27% reported rise in salted snacks, bars, mixes, and the like.1 

No matter which trend you’re tapping into this quarter, Campbell’s Convenience Portfolio offers on-trend products for micro market and convenience settings. Visit our Vending and Micro Market page to learn more.

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