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The Snack That Smiles Back®

Goldfish® crackers have been making families smiles for decades. And why not?
They’re fun, baked with goodness and like real cheese—and they’re really, really yummy!

We bake our Goldfish® with smiles
and ingredients you can feel good about:

Cheddar crackers are always baked with real cheese
We use extracts from plants to make Goldfish® colors
Crackers contain no artificial flavors or preservatives
Goldfish® crackers Made with Whole Grains are suitable for K-12

We have offerings that are Smart Snack compliant and 1 oz. grain equivalent.
Find out how Goldfish® can help you increase meal participation in K-12.
See Campbell’s Foodservice K-12 Solutions page.

Boost Breakfast Participation with Goldfish® Grahams
Get an introductory offer of $5 off a case on new Goldfish® Grahams Baked with Whole Grain French Toast or Honey Bun.
Learn more with our Goldfish® Grahams Sell Sheet.

Goldfish® Grahams are a delicious, convenient snack for guests in all segments.
Goldfish® Grahams All Other Segments Sell Sheet (PDF)