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Knowing how important it is for you to stay ahead of customer demands and your competition, Campbell’s Culinary Innovation Hub and Campbell’s Foodservice chefs are focused on providing your operation with the latest culinary trend information. Our team of chefs developed Campbell’s Culinary TrendPulse, a program providing culinary and cooking signal sources to drive innovation, helping you stay relevant and appealing.

Formerly known as Trendscape, Campbell’s Culinary TrendPulse is a comprehensive trend program, defining a trend’s maturity and how it impacts different segments of the foodservice industry. Culinary Trendpulse monitors menu and recipe trends in real time using an Artificial Intelligence platform, chronicling trends from their infant stages and monitoring growth to established movements.

Taking an integrated approach to understanding food trends, our culinary team performs ongoing research, leveraging industry, consumer and flavor trends across segments. We are your partner in delivering the next generation of iconic foods and beverages people love.

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