Culinary TrendPulse 2023

Trend 1: Down to Earth with Plant-Based
Trend 2: Around the World with Global Flavors
Trend 3: Close to Home with Comfort Foods

How we chose these trends
Our chefs identified these three trends based on industry-wide observations and analysis from our own Campbell’s Foodservice team, and from our key insight partners. These trends stood out because they have the ability to impact any segment and provide an easy entry point for all types of operators. This accessibility and ease of application are key attributes of the TrendPulse program.

Trend #1: Down To Earth With Plant-Based

As wellness and sustainability sentiments continue to fuel the growth of plant-based choices, we’re seeing some refreshingly approachable methods for swapping out meat proteins with vegetable alternatives.

Make Room for Mushrooms

Mushrooms are trending as a versatile way to achieve flavor and texture properties typically associated with meat.

  • Trumpet
    • Shred to mimic chicken or pork.
    • Slice to replace scallops.
  • Lion’s Mane
    • Shred to create alternative crab cakes or crab dip.
    • Press and sear to imitate a steak.
  • Portabella
    • Use this or its smaller button and cremini versions to replace meat in omelets, pastas, stir-fry dishes, salads, wraps, burgers and more.

Try incorporating meatless proteins like mushrooms into Campbell’s® soups and recipes. It’s an easy way to provide plant-based guests with the whole foods and clean-label products they’re consistently demanding.


Trend #2: Around The World With Global Flavors

Just as the beginning of the pandemic boosted interest in cooking international fare at home, coming out of the pandemic has many consumers realizing that making ethnic dishes is best left to the pros. As we look at the resulting demand for global cuisine away from home, we see a strong focus on three key regions.

Encourage Flavor Tourism

Check out the three global cuisines that are expected to rise in popularity in the U.S. this year.1  With the street food format also forecasted to accelerate in 20232, we compiled a list of beloved street food dishes from each region.

  • Southeast Asian
    • Satay (skewers with seasoned meat)
    • Banh mi (small sandwiches)
    • Pho (savory noodle soups)
  • Mediterranean
    • Mezze (small plates)
    • Labneh (strained yogurt topped with seasonings)
    • Flatbreads (bread topped with protein and vegetables)
  • South American
    • Sopapillas (fried pastries)
    • Papa Rellenas (stuffed, fried potato dough)
    • Ceviche (raw seafood with citrus)



  • Demand for Caribbean fare—including Puerto Rican, Cuban and Dominican cuisine—is predicted to grow in 2023. 1
  • Between 2021 and 2023, Australian fare saw a 531% year-over-year increase on Grubhub, with South African food not far behind at 294%.3

Trend #3: Close To Home With Comfort Foods

Dishes that evoke feelings of comfort and nostalgia are here for the long haul, but consumers are showing a desire to get a little adventurous within this category. Using our recipe inspiration, let’s look at ways to add a bit of boldness to even the most classic of offerings.

So Retro

  • Signs of consumers’ love for comforting throwbacks are everywhere, especially in quick-service restaurants.
    • Taco Bell’s quirky yet beloved Mexican Pizza sold out within two weeks of being brought back.
    • Wendy’s Pretzel Pub Cheeseburger made a triumphant return.
  • Lobster Nachos: This decadent appetizer is the perfect way to elevate a classic comfort food.



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2023 Tastewise Trend Report

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