Purchase decision-makers with restaurant operations are eligible to receive rewards by participating in Real Rewards Cafe™. Participating operations have access to the Real Rewards Cafe rewards catalog, qualifying product information, special offers and other tools.

Simply purchase branded qualifying products from your distributor. From there, send Real Rewards Cafe your purchase verification in the form of distributor velocity reports or invoices. The Real Rewards Cafe team will enter the points into your account. Your points can then be redeemed anytime for great rewards that you can use in your operation.

1. Buy Brands
Purchase Campbell’s qualifying products.

2. Submit Purchase Verification
Receive your points for qualifying product purchases by sending your purchase verification distributor purchase verification (usage/velocity reports or invoices) to Real Rewards Cafe.
[email protected]

3. Enjoy Rewards
Shop with your Real Rewards Cafe points for a variety of rewards. Visit the Real Rewards Cafe website for a complete list and to place an order.