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Seafood Soup Pairing Guide


Want to make patrons’ mouths water and ultimately sell more of your menu? Just follow our handy soup, salad and sandwich guide for this tried-and-true combination.

Seafood Soup Pairing Guide

Looking to balance out something creamy?
Consider pairing our cream-based soups with salads, grilled veggies and other lighter options to balance the richness of the soup. Beet and goat cheese salads are good options here.

Serving a tomato-based seafood soup?
Think about offering variations on BLTs, such as adding goat cheese and using arugula, maple-smoked bacon, shrimp, avocado and more. Also think about citrusy salads to pair well with the tomato.

Want a seafood overload?
Shrimp and other seafood salads can be great combinations with our seafood soups. You can also go classic with a redefined surf and turf, pairing our Lobster Bisque with a steak sandwich.

Serving a crab soup?
Egg is always a good pairing with crab, so consider an open-faced egg salad sandwich (possibly with hot sauce). Also consider grilled fruit; the sweet goes well with the crab. If you’re serving traditional salads, consider citrusy vinaigrettes.

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